The Big Breakfast, Week 8 – The Spread Eagle

After being disappointed to find out that Smarts Fish and Chip Shop no longer served breakfast it was time for our foody to finally complete the Thame’s Big Breakfast challenge by heading to the Spread Eagle.

After this weeks challenge we will be revealing the winner of Thame’s best full English breakfast and presenting the winners with a trophy. So let’s find out if The Spread Eagle have done enough to take the hotly contested top spot.

“I must say I’ve really enjoyed this challenge, it’s allowed me to go to various different venues that I’ve never been before and the only thing that’s suffered is my bulging waistline.

After arriving at The Spread Eagle at 10 past 10 I started to panic as I saw I had got my times wrong as they only served breakfast from 8-10am. But as the smiling waitress came to tend to me she advised she’d have to double check with the chef. They gave it the all clear so I put through the final full English order of my challenge.

The price, I must admit was extortionate, £12.50 for a full English breakfast is certainly the highest I’ve had to pay so far in Thame. But I guess this is a hotel so that might explain the high price. Everything on the menu for breakfast is £12.50 but it also includes choice of croissants, cheese, fruits and fresh juices.(I didn’t take them up on this though as I wanted to save myself for the hot stuff!)

Around 8 minutes after ordering the breakfast arrived on a big plate that was fitting for the breakfast, a couple of minutes later a rack of toast followed with 6 pieces to tuck into – no butter though, not sure if I was supposed to go and get this from somewhere myself?

I must say it was very well presented, the eggs were cooked to perfection and the yolk oozed out as I dipped my toast into it. The only problem being that the toast was a little dry!

There was also only one sausage to my disappointment as i feel if you are paying that much for a breakfast then you should really be getting two of everything. However, you could tell it was high quality meat. The bacon was similar, not too fatty and cooked well.
With some full English breakfasts, the beans take over the plate but there was just enough and proportionate to the plate size which i would describe as a handful. The mushrooms were not done in a fryer which can be the case at some venues which meant you could really taste the flavour rather than grease.
The tomato was well cooked but the black pudding was slightly overdone, and to my delight there was a hash brown on the plate. Cafe owners take note, a full English should always come with a hash brown!

Overall, the quality of the breakfast was high but the quantity and price were the only down points to this breakfast.  If you’re looking for a casual breakfast this might not be the place for you as the high cost might price you out, but if you are looking for a high quality breakfast then you can certainly give this place a go, and of course with The Spread Eagle being a hotel, you wont get the cafe vibe that some might desire. But everything inside is very plush and clean”.

Now that the challenge has been completed we will be revealing Thame’s best full English breakfast in the coming week and presenting the winners with a trophy. We hope you’ve liked our foody’s reviews and hope it’s helped your choices should you choose to have a full English breakfast in Thame.

Stay tuned in the coming months to find out what our foody will be reviewing next.

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