Thame’s Best Takeaway – Kebab – Round 8 – Patrons Pizza

For the eighth review of Thame’s Best Takeaway, our foodie would be visiting Patrons Pizza to review their doner kebab. After a glowing review last week from Atalay’s Kebab Van, could Patrons do enough to win the best kebab round and join Smarts and Mings in the winners section of Thame’s best takeaway.

To keep the review fair we decided that a large doner kebab would be ordered with all the trimmings, salads and sauce!

The review will be based upon, not only what’s the best quality, taste and portion size, but also what is best value for money.

In the kebab section we have tried to keep it as fair as possible, so we will only be reviewing Atalay’s Kebab Van and Patrons Pizza, as they are the only “traditional” kebab van/shop, and the chip shops had been reviewed in the chippy section.

So for the final review in the kebab section here is the Patrons Pizza review.



“So after experiencing Britain’s Best Kebab – I am intrigued to see how another kebab shop compares. This week I went to Patrons on the high street, formerly known as Pizza Parlour. I will also be back there for the pizza review, so they’ve sort of got two bites at the cherry as they say…

Usual ordering time, a Friday night. And on arrival there was a small queue (nothing like the kebab van’s!). Whilst waiting I couldn’t help but notice that their marketing materials were quite impressive. They’ve clearly made developments compared to the previous owners.

So for a large kebab it’s £5.99 – only 31p less than the kebab van, so I’m expecting little compromise on the quality. A medium if you wanted to know was £4.99, seems very reasonable.

After placing my order I only had to wait 5 minutes, so this was a great positive if you need a quick, cheap takeaway. My food was given to me in a modern, branded carrier bag, and when I opened it up further branded packaging – again this looked quite professional.

Unfortunately, the kebab itself wasn’t quite on the same level as the marketing collateral it came with…The kebab tasted quite cold, the meat very, very greasy. And there was far too much salad – I’m not one to usually moan due to an excessive quantity, but there was so much salad compared to kebab meat itself. The pitta, although grilled, tasted like cardboard and was soaked with grease – which somehow the kebab van manage to avoid?

Overall I am not overly impressed with the quality, if you want a cheap, quick takeaway to fill a hole, then this would do. But a long way off the quality of the kebab van.

I did notice they were making fresh pizzas, which did look quite nice – so hopefully an improvement when I come back for the pizza delivery stage of the competition!

So in this category, the winner is an easy pick. Congratulations to Atalay’s kebab van who have won my kebab review section, a worthy winner. You don’t get crowned the best kebab van in Britain without the kebab quality to back it up. You might have to pay slightly more and wait a little longer than Patrons Pizza, but it is thoroughly worth it!”


So there you have it Atalay’s Kebab Van wins the best kebab takeaway in Thame. They join Smarts Fish & Chips and Ming’s Chinese Takeaway in the Thame’s Best Takeaway Final.

With the competition hotting up, stay tuned for our pizza delivery and Indian reviews coming up over the next month.


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