Thame man aims to raise £3000.00 for new breathing equipment for his best friend

A man from Thame is participating in a Spartan Sprint Race to raise money for a cause close to his heart.

Matthew Wilson-Jones is aiming to raise £3000.00 so that he can purchase a Cough Assist Machine for his best friend who was in an accident twelve years ago, that has left him with severe breathing difficulties.

The Spartan Sprint Race is a long distance running race with various obstacles along the way.

Matthew had the following to say: “In September 2017 Ollie and I will be running a Spartan Sprint race in Marston Lodge. Those of you that know me will know that distance running isn’t my thing so 12-16k with 25plus obstacles will be a challenge!!

With this in mind we decided to try and raise some money for my best friend. He was in an accident when we were 18 years old, 12 years later I have never met someone so strong and positive in life as him.

Because of his disability, he isn’t able to use the muscles in his chest in the same way, causing him to be unable to Cough. This may sound fairly feeble, but whenever he gets ill (unfortunately that’s been more than regularly) he can’t clear his chest. Currently he has a chest infection, can you imagine not being able to clear your throat, meaning you can’t breathe properly causing you to have a panic attack? It must be so scary, yet he doesn’t complain, he doesn’t moan, he gets on with it.

There is a piece of equipment that is available to purchase that will help him do this, called a Cough Assist Machine. Not only will this be vital when he is unwell, it will also give great peace of mind!!

This is a pricey apparatus and hence why we are helping fund raise to get one!

I would really appreciate any support you can offer, £5, £10 anything would be amazing!

Thank you!!”

If you’d like to donate to his cause, please visit his Just Giving site here

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